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ICGC Awards Fr. Campbell

The East Legon Convocation of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) recently hosted a ceremony to honour Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, SVD, Chairman of the Lepers’ Aid Committee for his commitment and significant contributions to the Ghanaian society, particularly in uplifting marginalised communities.

The event was dubbed: Practical Christianity Hangouts, Provided Attendees with a Deep Dive into Fr. Campbell’s journey.

Fr. Campbell was presented with a plaque as well as an undisclosed amount of money to support his ministry. It was in recognition of his outstanding dedication to improving the lives of marginalised individuals in Ghana.

Presenting his life story focusing on his work with cured lepers at the event, Fr. Campbell noted that his first responsibility as a priest is to bring “love to the unloved in society.”

While recounting the lows of his impactful service, Fr. Campbell bemoaned the continued stigmatisation unfortunately by some Christians of cured lepers in society.

He also recounted his ministry with sex workers explaining that by the grace of God, some of them could retrace their steps back to God.

Fr. Campbell said the Ghanaian society is not doing enough for the aged.

According to him, though a good number of the Ghanaian population is transitioning into the aged bracket, close to no attention is being paid to that category of people in terms of their welfare.

 “We are not doing enough for the aged,” Fr. Campbell said. “Is that how we treat people in Ghana?” He asked.

The occasion was marked by gratitude and admiration for Fr. Campbell’s exemplary service, highlighting his role as a beacon of hope and inspiration within the community.

Fr. Campbell, an esteemed Irish missionary who arrived in Ghana in 1971, has dedicated fifty years of his life to serving the less privileged. His efforts have touched the lives of many, including cured lepers, children, and the elderly, embodying the essence of compassion and selfless service.

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