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Pope Francis warns Latin American bishops of three forms of idolatry

Pope Francis sent a message to the president of Latin American Bishops Council for the inauguration of its new headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia.

In it, the Pope stresses that organizations are only functioning if they are at the service of those who are on “life’s peripheries.” He added that in order to evangelize, attending to one’s interior life and following the Holy Spirit must be priorities, an idea he shared during a Mass with the Congolese community in Rome.

We often think that our Church initiatives do not work as they should because we lack facilities, we lack money, we lack means. This is not true. Jesus Himself refutes this.

He also warned of three forms of ideology to avoid. Spiritual mediocracy, hyper-pragmatism, and being overly functional. They are temptations to only focus on efficiency, which Pope Francis says does not leave room for “mystery.”

The priest with a functionalist mindset is nourished by his own ego.

The Pope said that falling to these temptations could impede Church’s forward progress.

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