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Saint César de Bus: A life dedicated to catechesis

The Eternal City hides incredible stories in every corner. Like the Church of Santa Maria in Monticelli, where the mortal remains of Saint César de Bus rest. He lived in the 16th century and died in 1607 in Avignon. Founder of the Congregation of the Secular Priests of Christian Doctrine, better known as the Doctrinaries, his work in the French Revolution had already reached Itlay and Brazil before he died. Canonized on May 15, 2022, César de Bus is considered a patron saint of the modern catechesis.

Superior General of the Doctrinaries
Doing Christian doctrine was not something that involved only the mind, but also the heart, the hands, the whole person. This is what the Pope says today: the catechist must be a person who goes out to meet others with his mind, his heart, his hands… someone who experiences the Church. At that time, four hundred years ago, this was a new idea.

The miracle that allowed the canonization was the grace granted to a 25 year old girl, hospitalized in Salerno for a cerebral hemorrhage who was diagnosed with fulminant meningitis.

Superior General of the Doctrinaries
In Salerno, we have a community where there is a parish and we also have our own doctrinal editions for catechesis. A prayer chain was really created. Both in the hospital, together with relatives, and in church, every night they prayed, asking for healing through the intercession of Blessed César. And well, from one moment to another, overnight, the whole situation was resolved, and the girl woke up, immediately asking to smoke. She was a person who liked to smoke a lot and she was recovered, especially from the point of view of meningitis. It did not leave any serious damage like the doctors thought, considering the clinical situation.

Adjacent to the Church of Santa Maria di Monticelli, the congregation set up a free exhibut where personal objects and portraits of the Saint can be admired.

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