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How New Age practices can harm one’s Catholic faith

The “New Age” is a cultural current that began in the 60’s and 70’s. Its motto could be summarized as “I am my god,” and it has permeated many aspects of our society, yet exactly how can be difficult for Catholics to see.

In 2003 the Vatican published a document explaining that it is…

“A misguided response to the cultural crisis.”

According to the “New Age” we are living through the age of the Aquarius, of water, which is difficult to identify.

Expert on New Age

It is the image of water, which is fluid, which is not a model of strong rationalism, but it is a movement where everything is united in a kind of pantheism: we ourselves are the gods of ourselves, we are saved because we turn towards our inner self.

The philosopher and theologian, Fr. Pedro Barrajón is a professor at the Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum in Rome. He says several modern ideas carry “New Age” ideas, such as energy healing, and astrology.

He also asks Catholics to be cautious about becoming overly focused on certain practices such as yoga.

Expert on New Age

It can feel good, but then you go deeper and you discover that that is not the truth of yourself. Then you feel your personality destroyed and you have to rebuild yourself.

“New Age,” also called New Religion, is the search for an impersonal god, different, Barrajón says, from the God revealed by Jesus Christ.

Expert on New Age

The vision it gives of God is a god that is not personal, is not a transcendent being, is not love, is not provident. It is a god that is all energy, it is a god that manifests itself in everything and everything is god. This is pantheism.

In 2003, the Vatican had already stated that the “New Age”…

“presents itself as a false utopia responding to the human heart’s deep thirst for happiness.”

As a result, the New Age sends people looking for Truth with a capital T in the wrong place, only to come up empty handed.

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