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Ghanaian Catholic Bishops Alarmed by “Growing Culture of Disrespect, Insults” in the Country

Leaders of the Catholic Church in Ghana say they are alarmed by the unfortunate growing culture of disrespect and insults in the West African country, especially in the nation’s political arena.

In a Pastoral Letter prior to the celebration of Christmas and New Year, they called on all politicians and indeed, all citizens, to endeavour to put an end to this rising phenomenon.

“We are also gravely disturbed about the resurgence of the age-old Bawku conflict, which resurfaces at every least instance of disagreement, they stated in their December 17 Pastoral Letter, adding “We call on the fomenters of this conflict and others such as the Doba-Kandiga conflict, also in the Upper East Region to stop their machinations and desist from such actions in the future.”

“We are equally distressed by some of the recent happenings in our House of Parliament, in particular, events which have occurred in the aftermath of the presentation of the Government Budget and Financial Statement for next year, 2022, events which run contrary to the peace that Christ brings to all humanity and to our nation,” they said.

In the December 17 Pastoral Letter signed by the President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, the Most Rev. Philip Naameh, the Bishops were pleased that conscious efforts were being made by the leadership of the august House to find an amicable and lasting solution to the impasse that has been occasioned by entrenched positions on our nation’s Budget for next year.

In the coming year (s), the Catholic Prelates pleaded that in discussing and debating issues of national importance in Parliament, both sides of the House should “always strive to put the interest of Ghana first above all other individual and parochial interests.”

“Both sides must work together to advance the supreme interest of the nation,” they urged and said, “Besides, we wish to encourage our Government always to seek stakeholder engagements on all important national issues so that in implementing national policies and programmes, the Government can carry the aspirations of all Ghanaians along so that we can all help build together one united, peaceful and prosperous Ghana.”


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