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COVID-19: BPS urges public to strictly adhere to safety measures during yuletide

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS), is calling on the public to ensure that they abide strictly by the COVID-19 protocols, especially during the Christmas festivities.

According to BPS, compliance with preventive protocols has dipped in recent times, saying if this is not checked, it will not augur well for the country after the festive period.

The Chief of party at the Bureau, Nana Yaw Akwada stressed that the public needs to become more conscious of the virus as they appear to exhibit apathy towards the virus.

“To a very large extent, compliance with the protocols has dipped. I have been to some weddings and funerals and it is clear that compliance has really dipped, and if what we are hearing about the Omicron variant is anything to go by, then we should brace ourselves for January and February 2022 because we may have a massive number of people getting infected.”

Meanwhile, the government has also tightened its measures at the Kotoka International Airport to limit the importation of the variant into the country.

As a result, Ghana’s health authorities and the Aviation Authority, have issued strict guidelines to airlines flying passengers into the country.

In a statement announcing new plans to guard against another wave of COVID-19 infections, the authorities said effective Tuesday, December 14, 2021, persons flying in and out of the country are to be fully vaccinated and to strictly follow stipulated guidelines for both self-preservation and the protection of the larger society.

They also warned that Airlines which bring in passengers to the Kotoka International Airport who are not fully vaccinated shall be surcharged U$3,500 per passenger; and Airlines which board passengers without PCR test results, or transport and disembark passengers with Positive PCR test results into Accra will also be fined US$3,500 per passenger.

While non-Ghanaians who fall into this category may be denied entry and returned to the point of embarkation at a cost to the Airline, Ghanaian passengers will be allowed entry but subject to 14 days of mandatory quarantine at a designated facility.

Source : citinewsroom

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