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Pope to entrepreneurs: Invest in the common good, do not hide money in tax havens

Francisco sent this message to the participants in the annual meeting of the Christian Association of Business Leaders. 

One of the founders of this group of Argentine businessmen is Enrique Shaw, whom Francisco declared venerable in April. 

“I have here the program of your meeting and I cannot put aside the joy that I had a short time ago to sign the heroic virtue of Enrique Shaw.”

As the motto of the meeting was “Towards a more humane capitalism”, Francisco insisted on betting on an ethical economy, which passes through the individual responsibility of each businessman.

“Investing in the common good, not hiding money in tax havens. Investing. Investing is giving life, it is creating, it is creative. Knowing how to invest, not hiding.”

This association has two objectives: to promote corporate responsibility according to Christian values ​​and to promote social commitment.

Javier Romero

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