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Pope explains how Saint Paul solved internal problems of the Church

During the general audience the Pope reflected on the words of Saint Paul to the Galatians. In the first place, the apostle speaks of his vocation and “wants to make it clear that God did not call him because he deserved it, but out of sheer gratuity and mercy . “

Second, Saint Paul faces the debate on circumcision that was so much talk in the early Christian community. Francis highlights how the apostle teaches “how to behave when problems arise in the ecclesial community.”


” Dear brothers and sisters:

We follow our considerations on the Letter to the Galatians. Saint Paul writes to the Galatian Christians with the concern of a father, aware that they are in conflict over the way of living the faith.

To help them, the Apostle, profoundly aware of the mystery of Christ, does not remain on the surface but goes to the essential: he reminds them of their origins, when they received the Gospel through his preaching and they met the Lord, the only one who gives life. true.

Paul also shares his own testimony with them, recalling the story of his vocation and his conversion. He wants to make it clear that God did not call him because he deserved it, but out of sheer gratuity and mercy. The Apostle also eloquently describes the contrast in his life, in which he went from being a persecutor of Christians to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. God called him through his grace and revealed his Son to him, giving him the mission of announcing him to all peoples.

At the end of the Letter it is made explicit that the nucleus of the discussion among the Galatians was circumcision, that is, the main Jewish tradition. But Paul delves deeper into the question, because he realizes that what is really at stake is not a secondary matter, but the truth of the Gospel and the freedom of Christians. The Apostle also teaches us to “fly high” and shows us how to behave when problems arise in the ecclesial community.

I cordially greet the Spanish-speaking faithful. Let us ask the Lord to help us to keep in mind his step in our life and to respond with availability and confidence to the vocation received, knowing that it is he himself who calls us, sustains us with his grace and sends us the brothers. God bless you. Thank you”.

Javier Romero/

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