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Archbishop Gallagher: Christian presence in Lebanon is being endangered

The August 2020 explosions in the port of Beirut plunged Lebanon into a political crisis from which it has not yet emerged. Since then, the parties have not agreed to form a government. Coupled with the economic and health crisis, the situation is extremely delicate. 

The Vatican is concerned about the frustration of Christians, who are leaving the last Middle Eastern country where they were a significant presence. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Holy See
“The Christian community is weakening, there is a risk of destroying the internal balance and the Lebanese reality, endangering the Christian presence in the Middle East.”

Vatican Foreign Minister Paul Richard Gallagher is one of the main organizers of a meeting that the Pope will hold on July 1 with the heads of the ten Christian Churches in the country to strengthen collaboration between them at this delicate moment.

The Vatican has explained that they will sleep in the same residence of the Pope. They will hold three long closed-door meetings and begin and end with prayers in San Pedro. 

Prefect, Congregation for Oriental Churches
“It will not be concluded with a written, concrete appeal, signed by all, but with a final speech by Pope Francis that I think can be considered as the conclusion of the meetings, the call for this day ”.

Secretary, Pont. Cons. Christian Unity
“It will be a moment of intense communion to face the great common challenge: to overcome any partisan vision to build the good of all and safeguard the specific vocation of Lebanon in the religious and social framework of the Middle East.”

The meeting is similar to the one the Pope held in 2018 with all the patriarchs and Christian leaders of the Middle East in Bari. A meeting that will also help the rest of the Christian world better understand the fragile situation of Christians in Lebanon.

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