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The moving gesture of the Nigerian ambassador to the Pope

With this moving gesture of respect, the new Nigerian ambassador to the Holy See, Paul Oga Adikwu, introduced himself to the Pope.

His family accompanied him on the visit.

The ambassador gave the Pope a series of chalices of great beauty.

“I am very grateful, you are very kind, thank you very much.”

For his part, the Pope gave him some copies of the most relevant writings of his pontificate.

“I will give it to my loved ones in Nigeria.”

The Pope also highlighted the importance of family support for the ambassador, and gave them his blessing.

“The impulse of the family, to carry out the work of the ambassador”.

Almost half of the 200 million people in Nigeria are Christians. However, jihadist violence has killed more than 100 Christians so far this year. Aid to the Church in Need says religious persecution continues to increase in the country.


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