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Pope: It is inhuman to be so absorbed by work that there is no time to pray

You can see that the health emergency is improving in Italy, because it was the most crowded general audience since pilgrims were allowed in.

Francisco spent a lot of time greeting people. 

He gave advice to this newlywed couple … 

He left his signature on notebooks or photos …

… And even received gifts.

Then he announced that this would be the penultimate catechesis on prayer. He explained how to live in our time the proposal of Saint Paul, who asked “to pray without interruption.”

He said that it is not a utopia and that even in the midst of daily occupations one can remain in contact with God.

“It is inhuman to be so absorbed by work that there is no time to pray. In the same way, it is not healthy to lead a life of prayer that separates you from life. A prayer that separates you from concrete living becomes spiritualism” .

The Pope said that a normal job helps to be in contact with reality. 

Francis recalled the difficulties of those who have many children, for whom it is objectively difficult to find time to pray. He recommended that they avoid the temptation of nostalgia for a life in which they had everything under control.

“A mother and father, busy with a thousand tasks, can feel nostalgia for a period of their lives in which it was easy to find fixed times and places to pray. Then there are children, work, the occupations of family life , parents who get older … You get the impression that nothing is ever finished. It is then that it is convenient to think that God, our Father, who must take care of the entire universe, remembers each one of them. us. We too must always remember it. “

The French translator, Father Landousies, was no longer present at this hearing. 

In these weeks he will leave the Vatican. The Pope has publicly praised him for his discreet and efficient service. 

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