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Pope praises Guardiola’s gesture after losing the Champions League final

The Pope praised Guardiola’s gesture of kissing the second-placed medal after losing the Champions League final.

He did it during the audience with a delegation from the Italian Basketball Federation. 

“Before you is the world of Italian basketball.”

Francisco spoke to them about the attitude towards the defeat and recalled that they had narrated the detail of Guardiola, although he did not remember who the protagonist was.

He said that sport is a reflection of life and that is why he asked those responsible to promote fair play.

 To promote a healthy game among children and young people, to help them to have an open mind, to never give up, to discover that life is a path made up of defeats and victories, but that the important thing is not to lose the desire to gamble”.

The delegation of the Italian Basketball Federation met with Pope Francis on the occasion of its 100-year history.


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