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AFRICA/KENYA – Bishops urge citizens to vaccinate and demand that drugs be released for the treatment of AIDS patients”

  “We find it extremely sad that while our places of worship are closed to the public, every time the lockdown is imposed, people can still go to markets and other public places without restrictions”, the Bishops of Kenya said in a statement sent to Agenzia Fides, in which they denounce how “some of those responsible for enforcing the law, do not respect the faithful and places of worship”.

“If a problem has to be addressed, it has to be done in a humane way, with the utmost respect and care for the life and dignity of every human being. The places of worship are sacred. We want a way of dialogue in dealing with problems rather than brute force and intimidation”.

Last fall, police killed at least 15 people in clashes related to enforcement of Covid-19 containment measures.
The Bishops’ Conference recalls that “we as the Church have shown our willingness to work together in the implementation of the Covid-19 rules and protocols. We have continued to observe the guidelines of the Interreligious Council to make our houses of worship safe” .

The bishops invite Kenyans to comply with the Covid-19 containment protocols and urge the population to get vaccinated. “Vaccinations”, the statement said, “are among the measures that have been taken to contain the spread of the virus”. “We call on the government to ensure the safety of the vaccines administered to Kenyans”, said the bishops. “In our view, corruption equates to another pandemic afflicting our country”.

Finally, the Bishops’ Conference also calls for the urgent approval of the distribution of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) to people affected by the HIV / AIDS virus. These drugs, made available by the United States Development Agency, are held in in customs warehouses, due to the tax authorities’ claim to obtain payment of import taxes.


Source: Agenzia Fides

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