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Papa Francisco: That diversity in the Church does not become ideologies

Little by little the number of pilgrims admitted to the Pope’s Masses increases.

This Pentecost Sunday they occupied the entire St. Peter’s Basilica, yes, with masks and a safety distance.

The Pope avoided walking down the central aisle, perhaps so as not to worsen his walking difficulties.

In the homily, Francis explained why Christians need the Holy Spirit.

“If you notice the darkness of loneliness, if you carry a weight inside that suffocates hope, if you have a burning wound in your heart, if you don’t find a way out, open yourself to the Holy Spirit.”

The Pope recalled the three great “counsels” that the Holy Spirit gives. The first is, “live in the present.”

“There is no other better time for us. Now, right where we are, is the unique and unrepeatable moment to do good, to make life a gift. Let’s live in the present!”

He said that the second advice of the Holy Spirit is to “build unity”, giving priority to all, and not just to one part.

“The enemy wants diversity to be transformed into opposition, and that is why it turns it into an ideology. You have to say” no “to ideologies and” yes “to everything.”

The third tip is to prioritize “God’s help” over our own strength.

At the end of Mass, a child interrupted the procession to give a letter to the Pope, who did not seem to be bothered by this greeting.

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